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Quality Raw Materials and Services 


PT BIOTA INDONESIA exclusively represent numerous, big, reliable, and well-known multinational principals in Coatings - Performance Materials, Ceramic, Glass, and General Chemicals.



+62 (021) 5366-5178




Biota New Office

Our new office is located conveniently on Jalan Panjang, Kebon Jeruk area; adjacent to Tangerang - West Jakarta - Central Jakarta toll road.

We experienced a long delay on transferring our current phone numbers. Now our phone numbers are ACTIVE.


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PT Biota Indonesia was founded in September 2013 by a PT Essindojaya Perdana co-founder. PT Essindojaya Perdana itself was founded in 1985. Several years after founding Essindojaya, PT Wahah Indoperdana was established to focus on distribution of minerals for Ceramic industry. To serve Ceramic customers, PT Wahah Tekmindo was built to manufacture raw materials.

Along the way, the founders of Essindojaya established a few other companies to serve different markets, such as: pharmaceutical, food ingredients, and personal care.

In order to focus on the main business, our founder decided to combine PT Essindojaya Perdana's business in coating and ceramic industries, PT Wahah Indoperdana and PT Wahah Tekmindo under one new roof, PT Biota Indonesia. The core business of PT Biota Indonesia is distribution of raw chemicals and minerals for Coating and Ceramic industries.

PT Biota Indonesia is located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, in the island of Java. We mainly serve customers in Jakarta, West Java and East Java. Our warehouses are strategically located nearby the Jakarta airport and close to the main port of Indonesia. We also have our own fleets to make cost efficient and timely deliveries.



At PT BIOTA INDONESIA, we have a commitment that if you call us any time at +62-21 53665178 from 8am to 5pm (GMT +7) Monday to Friday, one of us at the office will answer. You're not going to talk to an answering machine or re-routed to numerous extension numbers. We don’t just do this because we’re friendly people, but because it makes all the difference.

In a perfect world, calling a business for help would be quick, painless, productive, and human. But it’s not and it’s not going to be. That old time ideal of calling the local retailer or company and talking with someone after two rings was demolished by the call centers and overseas help desks that sprung up in the information age.

We know people want to pick up a phone and talk to a live human being. We all want assurance that our money is being spent on something maintained by human beings who speak our language and hopefully live in our same country. We get that instinct, because We share it at times.

When we answer the phone right away, we have proved we’re a different kind of company. We demonstrate we put a priority on customer service. When a customer hits a wall, we can free their minds immediately by being a real human being that takes ownership of the problem and fights on their behalf.

Still not convinced? Call us!